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What is Brainspotting?

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Brainspotting is an approach based on the premise: where you look affects how you feel. This technique has been used to help clients overcome trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, addictions, PTSD, difficult emotions and much more. This technique was first discovered by David Grand, Ph.D. during his work with athletes and how trauma can impact performance.

It is a mindfulness, body based approach where the both the clinician and the client locate a spot in the client's field of vision aka "a brain spot", that helps to retrieve a traumatic or painful emotion. Often, trauma is stored within the sub-cortical brain and this approach helps to activate that specific part of the brain. It is believed that accessing this part of the brain harnesses the body's natural self scanning and self healing abilities.

With the help of a clinician's support and attunement, clients can tap into difficult feelings/memories/emotions and also build resilience and strengthen one's innate resources, leading to a more integrated relationship with the oneself.

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