Healing for Individuals & Couples
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #124019

"Where you are, is not who you are."

- Nayyirah Waheed


Sometimes we can reach a point in life where we feel frustratingly stuck. The coping mechanisms that used to soothe us no longer work, and we feel as if we are repeating an old, but familiar cycle. These points become a great opportunity to look deeper within, to feel into what is most needed for our healing. Because what heals us deeply, allows us to engage in our lives and relationships in a more meaningful and authentic way. Are you ready to begin your journey of healing today?

About Me


Sandy is a Chinese-American daughter of refugees of the Vietnam War. Her father is Cantonese from Guangzhou and her mother is Teo-Chew, both growing up in Vietnam. Sandy is the only daughter of five siblings, and grew up in Houston, Texas. She considers it a calling and a privilege to work on healing inter-generational trauma and to cultivate the resilience, power, and joy that is possible when we make space for deep, committed, and transformative healing. She also loves cats, noodles of all types, and practicing Cantonese (which still needs a lot of work!).


My Approach


I am passionate and curious about the intersection of identities, systemic oppression, internalized racism, ancestral ways of healing, the wisdom of the body, energetic ways of healing, yogic philosophy, ways to cultivate lots of joy, and inter-generational trauma. I view trauma in the context of one’s family unit, culture, and the structural systems in which one exists.


I am down-to-earth, relational, and holistic in my healing. It’s steeped in the principles of neuropsychology and yoga, my experience as a child of Vietnamese refugees, and my transition from the corporate world into psychotherapy. Aside from all of that - I believe it is the relationship that we cultivate together that will empower you to build a stronger connection to your intuition and the innate wisdom that already exists within.

I want to help you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself, disrupting mental and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you, and finding ways to integrate all the parts of who you are. We can do this through cultivating joy, finding gratitude, and feeling deeply into the emotions we often avoid. 


Relevant Trainings

  • Brainspotting Phase 1 & 2 - BIPOC training lead by John Edwards LCSW

  • Asian American Pacific Islander Women LEAD Conference

  • Asian & Pacific Islander Mental Health Empowerment Conference

  • Somatic Experiencing Workshop with Peter Levine

  • Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training lead by Karina Ayn Mirsky



  • California Institute of Integral Studies - MA in Counseling Psychology

  • The University of Texas at Austin - BBA in Marketing